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China Hongxing International Trade Co.,Ltd is registered in Hong Kong, China. The company is mainly engaged in the import and export trade of chemical products.
Efficient communication The Company has a professional team to provide you with 24-hour service wholeheartedly, including reply to inquiry, product consulting, issuing contracts, order follow-up, quality control, logistics and shipping, and real-time exchange of information and resources with partners.
Company credit The Company has been rated as AAA-rated credit enterprise for many years. The Company strictly abides by the contract, has won consistent praise from upstream and downstream customers, and is trustworthy.
Product quality Direct contact with large factories, stable supply chain. The manufacturers selected by the Company are all large and listed companies and have quality management system certification, including (LOGO) IAF, CNAS, etc. We will help you control the quality, and all products strictly follow the national standards.
Professional services The Company provides customers with one-stop supply chain services including product selection, production scheduling, quality control, logistics, customs and delivery. Our areas of expertise include communication with upstream manufacturers to customize products and schedule production, real-time follow-up on the production line and checking the product quality. When the supply and demand of products are tight and the manufacturer stops production for maintenance, we can cooperate with other upstream partners to schedule production to ensure the delivery date, and coordinate with the highway administration, shipping companies, customs and other departments to solve the problems of cumbersome factory communication, long production cycle and slow delivery. Strictly control all aspects of the contract and ensure delivery of goods with high quality and high efficiency.
Product customization One-on-one professional service to meet personalized requirements.
Field investigation Welcome to China for field investigation. It's a pleasure to greet friends from afar!
Payment method We will prefer the payment method that is safe for both the supplier and the buyer. If the buyer intends to cooperate for a long time, we are willing to offer favorable condition on the deposit and discount.
Industry benchmark The Company builds a learning organization, is brave in exploration and aggressive. Through our own efforts, we are constantly recognized by the industry and customers. We aim to become an industry benchmark enterprise.
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