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Calcium Chloride/Anhydrous Calcium Chloride

Molecular Formula:CaCl2
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Calcium chloride product introduction

Calcium chloride is an inorganic compound, a salt composed of chlorine and calcium. It is a typical ionic halide, white solid at room temperature, granular, honeycomb, spherical, irregularly granular and powdery. It is non-toxic, odorless and slightly bitter.

Calcium chloride is an important chemical product, and is widely used in roads, oil drilling, industrial, mining, food and agricultural fields. The following describes the use of calcium chloride in these six fields:

I. Used for road freeze-proofing, maintenance and dust control: calcium chloride is the best road snow melting agent, antifreeze and dust-proof agent, and can maintain the pavement and subgrade well. A large amount of calcium chloride is used on this aspect in Europe and America every year.

II. Used for oil drilling: Calcium chloride solution has a high density and contains a large amount of calcium ions. Therefore, as a drilling additive, it can play a role in lubricating and facilitating the removal of drilling mud. Besides, calcium chloride can be mixed with other substances as well sealing liquid in oil production. These mixtures form a plug at the wellhead and can function for a long time.

III. Used in the industrial field: Calcium chloride is widely used as a desiccant in the industrial field. It can dry industrial gases such as nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen and sulfur dioxide, and can also be used as a dehydrating agent for alcohol, ester, ether and acrylic resin. Calcium chloride aqueous solution is an important refrigerant for refrigerators and ice making.

IV. Used in the mining industry: Calcium chloride is mainly used to produce a kind of surface-active solution, which can be sprayed on the tunnels and in the mines to control the amount of dust and reduce the risk of mine operation. In addition, calcium chloride solution can also be sprayed on the open-pit coal seam to prevent the coal seam from freezing.

V. Used in food industry: Calcium chloride can be added to drinking water or beverages as an additive to increase mineral content and as a flavoring agent. In addition, it can also be used as a refrigerant and preservative for food quick freezing.

VI. Used in agriculture: Spray calcium chloride of a certain concentration solution to wheat and fruit and they can be stored for a long time. In addition, calcium chloride can also be used as livestock feed additive.


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