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Molecular Formula:C6H12O6
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Glucose product introduction

Industrial glucose is also called full sugar powder. White crystal or granular powder. It is sweet and the sweetness is 0.74 times that of sucrose. Dissolve 1g in about 1ml of water and obtain about 60ml of ethanol. Melting point is 83℃.

Use of food additive glucose:

1. Medicine: It is used as a nutrient in medicine and has the functions of strengthening the heart, diuresis and detoxification. It is raw material for preparing ascorbic acid, glucuronic acid, and calcium gluconate

2. Food: It can be used to replace white granulated sugar (the sweetness is 60% - 70% of that of granulated sugar) in the food industry such as candy, pastry, cold food, biscuits, tonic and curing liquid, jam, jelly products, and honey processed products, to improve the taste of products, improve the quality of products, reduce production costs, and increase the economic benefits of enterprises. Glucose powder has high hygroscopicity, and it is used in bakery products to keep the product soft and loose, ensure a long shelf life and increase the taste of food. Glucose powder can be dissolved to absorb heat, and is used in the production of beverages and cold foods. The products have a cool and delicious feeling.

3. Beverages: It is used in the production of beverages, alcohol and cold foods, and the products have a cool and delicious feeling.

4. Printing and dyeing: In the leather industry, it is used as a reducing agent for leather treatment, such as treatment of shoe sole leather and leather case leather, to increase the softness of leather. Powdered glucose can be used in the drawing liquid of the artificial fiber industry. It is raw material for synthesizing sorbitol.

5. Industrial fermentation: As the most basic nutrient medium in the fermentation industry, glucose is the main material of the fermentation media, and a large amount of glucose is required for antibiotics, monosodium glutamate, vitamins, amino acids, organic acids, enzyme preparations. It can also be used as raw materials for microbial polysaccharides and organic solvents.

6. Dehydrated vegetables: In the emerging vegetable, seasoning sauce and other industries, with the increasing demand of the international market and the continuous progress of vegetable processing technology, as a nutrient and preservative, glucose is irreplaceable in high-grade fresh and dehydrated vegetable processing.

Use of industrial glucose:

1. Function of industrial glucose in sewage: why is industrial glucose added in sewage treatment? During sewage treatment debugging period, industrial glucose is added to provide carbon source, so as to better cultivate bacteria, improve the biodegradability of sewage, and effectively improve the affinity of sludge, and the effect is faster than that of urea. If the COD and BOD in the operating system are insufficient to afford the growth and reproduction of bacteria, additional dosing is required to prevent the sludge from aging and the biological activity from decreasing.

2. Industrial-grade glucose: It is used in the leather industry to treat leather, such as shoe sole leather and leather case leather, to increase the leather softness and used as a reducing agent for chrome tanning.

3. Industrial glucose is used as a cleaning agent for steel surface: When the steel surface needs to be plated with chrome, tin and nickel to achieve special purposes, such as manufacturing tinplate, galvanized plate and chrome-plated surface (electroplating), the steel billet surface needs to be strictly cleaned to make the coating and steel surface firmly bonded. At this time, an ideal effect can be achieved by adding sodium gluconate to the cleaning agent.

4. Industrial glucose can be used as cement admixture: After a certain amount of gluconic acid is added to the cement, the plasticity and strength of the concrete can be increased, and it will have a blocking effect, and delay the initial and final setting periods of the concrete. For example, adding 0.15% gluconic acid can prolong the initial setting time of the concrete by more than 10 times, namely, the plastic time of the concrete can be extended from a few hours to a few days without affecting its firmness.

5. Industrial glucose can be used in electroplating, film manufacturing and many other industrial fields.

6. As a special cleaning agent for glass bottles: the professional cleaning agent for glass bottles with sodium gluconate as the main ingredient can improve the following common problems: the detergency is not strong; the nozzle and pipeline of the bottle washing machine are easy to be blocked; the rust removal and decontamination of bottle stickers and bottleneck is not ideal; a tiny amount of residues after washing is not ideal for food safety (e.g. phosphate residues)


Glucose, D - Anhydrous glucose, Glucose, Dextrose, β-D-anhydrous glucose, D-glucose, D-glucose anhydrous

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